Steak looks like simple fare, just a lump of cow exposed to high heat. But steak can be tough or just underwhelming if you don’t treat it right, and it’s more complicated than you might think. You’ve probably messed it up somehow in the past, but that’s all right. We’ll fix that now, and let you know what mistakes to avoid if you want to eat like royalty. There are lots of things that can go wrong to ruin your steak dinner: you can undercook the steak, overcook the steak, under season it, over season it, have a few too many drinks and forget about it entirely … the list goes on. But don’t worry about all that just yet. In order to eat a good steak, you first have to buy a good steak. While it’s easy to empty your wallet on the more fashionable cuts like sirloin, ribeye, and fillet, with a little knowledge, you’ll find that other bits of the cow come with delicious flavor but not the premium price tag. So, if you want steak but struggle with the price, instead of those classic, but expensive cuts, try throwing a hanger steak, a tri-tip, or short rib on the grill. Since they are likely to have more connective tissue or naturally be a little tougher, they may require a little more attention to cook just right, but if you make the effort, you definitely won’t be sorry. Watch the video for more on the biggest mistakes everyone makes when cooking steak.

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Buying the wrong kind | 0:18

Choosing a lean cut | 1:01

Not shopping where you can get advice | 1:57

Letting it warm up | 2:44

Your steak is too wet | 3:44

Not seasoning enough | 4:45

Using oil with a low smoke point | 5:35

Leaving the steak alone | 6:40

Poke test | 7:48

Not letting it rest | 8:55

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