The University of London has just announced that beef will no longer be sold on campus, according to a Newsweek article. This has been done to eliminate the University’s ties to the carbon footprint that “eating beef” creates. However, this leaves a very important question left unanswered, why is no one addressing the fact that all beef is not created equal?

The negative narrative between beef and the environment effect the cattle industry as a whole, but in reality it should be addressed specifically at big agricultural beef practices. Environmental impact can be sourced to those interested in the quantity of beef produced and not the quality of the beef product. Beef bred through the use of corn feed, GMOs and overpopulation tactics.

Let’s talk about the American Cattle Farmer who does it right. Grass fed farming has already proven the benefits it brings with it.

  • Lower usage of fossil fuels
  • Lower production of green house gases
  • Lower impact on water pollution
  • Increased sustainability of American pastures and grasslands
  • Healthier beef product

Maybe it is time to stop blaming the beef industry as a whole for the short comings of big agriculture. It is only a matter of time before individuals push for these decisions to be made here in America. Support your local cattle farmers who are doing it right by bringing a quality organic beef product to market.

Support American Beef.

Link to original Newsweek article:

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