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There is a mass deforestation happening in the Amazon for agricultural development at this very moment. How does this relate to the USA? Well anti-meat activists are up in arms calling for Americans to stop consuming beef as a means to quelling the fire. Is that truly the right solution to the problem?

Let’s have a conversation about the “Product of America Grass Fed Beef” products found in your local supermarket. Did you know that with the elimination of COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) manufacturers need to simply import the beef, process and package to consider the beef a product of America? There is no way to disseminate what is truly a product of America from what is not. As for the grass fed aspect, importers submit a form highlighting their grass fed practices (whether grain finished or not) and voila, Product of America Grass Fed Beef that was born, raised and fed in a different country.

According to a report from the Stone Bones Center for Food and Agriculture, 75 – 80% of grass fed beef sold in the United States of America is imported.

Now back to the topic of the fires in the Amazon; eliminating imported quote-on-quote “Product of America” beef products is a true resolution for Americans who do not want to have a hand in the crisis. We need to support the local farmers and mass producers who source beef that is raised, fed and processed within the USA.

How can you as a beef consumer purchase grass fed beef products from an American pasture?

  • Research the beef producers to fully understand their practices (PureLand America sells 100% American grass fed beef)
  • Find local cattle farmers in your area and purchase direct
  • Spread awareness within your local community to inspire action

Support American Beef.

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